Marc Thaddäus Süß

Creative Director & Brand Strategist

Marketing paper: social licence to operate

Social licence to operate (SLO) für digitale Marken und Unternehmen.

Gemeinsam mit Professor Piet Hausberg habe ich einen Fachartikel zum Thema „social licence to operate“ für digitale Marken und Unternehmen verfasst. Dieser wurde im Magazin Communication Director (02/2016) veröffentlicht.


• Social licence is relevant also in digital markets.
• Often a discrepancy exists between the global nature of digital markets and the local nature of social licence (global-local-trap of social licence).
• Strong network externalities often present in these markets might make social licence less relevant, but only temporarily.
• Greenwashing is a possible strategy to improve social licence, but might be regarded as a red herring and heavily backfire.
• In a fragmented media landscape, you need to show authentic care for and involvement in dialogue with stakeholders.



Fachmagazin "Communication Director"


Fachartikel für "Communication Director" (2/2016) – das Fachmagazin für Corporate Communications und Public Relations.